Child Centered Solutions is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon, focused on the rights and needs of children involved in domestic relations cases. During family conflict, the needs of children are often neglected causing recurring social and psychological issues for the children involved. CCS gives a voice to these children.

Through a practical, child-first ideology, CCS focuses on providing solutions for children and families through legal representation, professional training and community education.
CCS was created in 2005 by a concerned group of domestic relations professionals in the hope of protecting the well being of children involved in contentious divorce and custody cases. Realizing that children had access to legal advocacy in the Juvenile arena such as abuse and neglect and delinquency cases, this founding group strove to provide comparable support for children in tbe family law arena.

The services of CCS attorneys are free to their child clients, their families and the courts. These legal services are currently available in Multnomah County and Columbia County. With financial support from community partners such as the Harrington Family Foundation, CCS long-range goal is to provide support to children in need throughout the State of Oregon.

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