Stand for Children, a citizen voice for children, is a non-profit organization that advocates for improvements to and funding for schools and programs that give every child a fair chance in life. Stand for Children exists because children have no power to influence our democratic system to meet their fundamental needs. Stand for Children’s mission is to teach everyday people how to join together in an effective grassroots voice in order to win concrete, long-lasting improvements for children in the states they serve.

Stand for Children’s first Chapter in Oregon was founded in 1999. Now, with 4,000 members and supporters, Oregon is Stand for Children’s flagship state and site of it’s headquarters. Since 1999, Stand for Children members have won more than 50 state and local victories that are improving the lives of more than 1.2 million children in Oregon, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.

Goals for Stand for Children, Oregon in 2006 include increasing membership and supporters in order to:
1) Educate voters across the state on the facts about schools and school funding, build a stronger pro-schools constituency for the 2006 elections, and help elect several pro-schools state legislators.
2) Increase support for after-school enrichment, early childhood education, and child abuse prevention programs in Portland through renewal of the proven Children’s Initiative, and supporting the passage of local area bond.
3) Prepare to launch a legislative campaign that places Oregon’s schools in the top 10 nationally within 10 years through improvements to school spending, funding, learning environment, and instruction.

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