Recently the Harrington Family Foundation made a donation to Medical Teams International (formerly NW Medical Teams) in support of the volunteer work of Dr. Albert Chan, who is bringing lifesaving care to hundreds of infant patients at CURE hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. Health conditions in Afghanistan are among the worst in the world. For every 1000 children, 257 die before they reach 5 years, compared to eight in the U.S. Dr. Chan, a clinical instructor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, has taught local doctors and nurses skills needed to save lives of mothers and children across Afghanistan despite outdated equipment and medical training.

Medical Teams International was the recipient of nearly $8,000 earlier this spring when wedding guests of Joey and his wife, Emily, were asked to make a donation to one of two charitable organizations selected by the couple in lieu of receiving wedding gifts.

To learn more about the humanitarian work of Medical Teams International, please log onto