Support Your Local Student Leaders Pursuing Change in Oregon

The Oregon Community Leadership Scholarship is a renewable four-year collegiate scholarship program eligible for current Oregon high school seniors who are emerging leaders, and plan to attend an Oregon trade school, college or university. The program is intended to facilitate the growth of promising leaders in the state of Oregon by developing the skills needed to flourish their local communities.

In addition to the scholarship, each recipient will have a board of mentors available to them throughout and following their schooling to help guide their path to a successful career and future. By helping to open doors in the business sector, these emerging leaders will remain planted and invested in the state of Oregon.

This is a need-based scholarship with criteria focusing on an individual’s involvement in their community, rather than academic or athletic performance.

Four scholarships are issued each spring, generally the first week of May. Each scholarship is worth $5,000 per year for a total commitment of $20,000 per student in perpetuity. There are 16 enrolled students in the program, and 16 alumni of the program.

2024 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN EARLY MAY. Click the buttons below to explore our FAQs!

The Mentorship Component

The key component of the Oregon Community Leadership Scholarship that sets it apart from other need-based scholarships, is its mentorship element. What can we provide students who are innovative and driven leaders in their communities, but may not have the network to open doors for academic assistance, or career opportunities? Influential business leaders and professionals who care to invest their time and resources. We support our scholars with a thoughtful professional network available at their disposal – ten leaders in the state of Oregon, across various industries, who help guide our scholars’ path to a successful career and future.

In the long run, our work is designed to benefit the community as a whole, from urban to rural communities across Oregon. By teaching students the importance of growth through community we are laying the groundwork for a generation of community leaders who will think of the larger impact when making decisions that affect us all.

“Each scholarship recipient has unique needs. As a mentor, I aspire to be present to their experience and assist with their journey. Some need advice, others a sounding board. I could also offer networking and relevant connections. My goal is to individualize my mentoring role to match their needs, and to always encourage their success. Bright, inspired young people are the hope of the future. If I can make one small contribution to their clarity, direction and purpose, it makes the whole world a better place.”


Dr. Joanne Warner

Former Dean of the University of Portland Nursing School

Mentor Board

Chris Brown – Couture of Music, Acclaimed musician and educator

Josh Frankel – Principal + CFP, Ferguson Wellman Capital Management

Katie Hull – Public Relations, Wieden + Kennedy Alum

Ric Jeffries – Co-Owner and Golf Professional, RiverRidge Golf Complex

Katherine Kilkenny – PMHNP-BC, Portland Mental Health & Wellness

Karl Logan – Area Senior Director, Portland Public Schools

David Millman – Managing Director, Domaine Drouhin Oregon

Kimiko Matsudo – Director of Culture, Rose & Lincoln Founder/Owner

Justice Adrienne Nelson – Oregon Supreme Court Justice

Olivia Ong – Manufacturing Operations Manager, Intel

Jeff Paustian – Chief Executive Officer, JGP Wealth Management

Janae Sorenson – VP, Account Executive, Parker, Smith + Feek


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