A close family friend of the Harrington family, Gina Bramucci, is currently serving an internship in northern Uganda with the Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI), an Italian based relief agency. She is writing website articles for Reuters Foundation as part of her graduate work in journalism at the University of Missouri. Her goal is to increase awareness of the human rights violations against children in this war torn African country.

In one of her e-mails to her friends and family this summer, Gina mentioned the joy that a soccer ball brought to the children of Kitgum, a village where schools have closed down and children sleep in hospitals at night to stay safe. Realizing the impact that one ball had on this village, the Harrington Family Foundation recently sent 50 Nike soccer balls to several reintegration centers in northern Uganda…a small gesture to help bring some laughter and diversion to these children who’s lives are full of fear and anxiety. (Please check out the smiling faces in the photo section of this website.)

In the face of the suffering of the people of northern Uganda, before even asking ourselves where is God, it would be opportune for each of us to ask ourselves…where is man? Father Tarcisio Pazzaglia

The Harrington Family Foundation supports Gina in her effort to affect change by raising awareness of the gravity of the situation in northern Uganda. We encourage you to check out the following links to articles she has written.

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If you’re willing to find out how you can help, please log onto the following

Human Rights Watch has launched a campaign to seek the release of abducted
children in northern Uganda.